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A high ranking Iraqi official says that after five weeks of work, UN weapons inspectors are proving Baghdad's assertion that the country is not hiding weapons of mass destruction

General Hossam Amin says the more that U-N weapons inspectors search, the more they verify Baghdad's claims. The general says inspectors have visited 230 sites so far, and the inspections have shown Iraq has no weapons of mass destruction. A spokesman for the U.N. weapons inspectors, Ewan Buchanan says "we have not finished our investigations."

Both the United States and Great Britain have threatened Saddam Hussein with military action if they do not provide evidence that they have destroyed their weapons of mass destruction.... So are we barrelling toward war? We'll talk with defense and intelligence expert John Pike, the director of and former U.N. Weapons Inspector Tim Trevan.

Plus, we'll ask our distinguished panel of military experts to weigh in on the latest developments with Iraq situation when former three former U.S. Army experts join us: We'll speak with retired Col. Bob Maginnis, and retired Maj. Gen. Paul Vallely and former Maj. Gen. Bob Scales.

Then, President Bush has called North Korea part of the "axis of evil." Now the North wants South Korea to jointly oppose the United States. But today, South Korea rebuffed the North's overtures. But will we be able to resolve the growing crisis over North Korea's nuclear program in a peaceful fashion? Should we withdraw our troops from the Korean Peninsula? Or should we negotiate with the North Koreans? What role should China, Japan and South Korea play in helping the world resolve the crisis? We'll ask former U.S. Ambassador to South Korea James Lilley to share his insight.

Also, who is the mysterious leader at the helm of Communist North Korea? UPI Senior Analyst Martin Sieff will fill us in. And you won't believe some of what he has to say!

Finally, surgeons at four West Virginia hospitals have gone on strike to protest the rapidly rising costs of malpractice insurance. This is not the first time doctors have gone on strike over this issue. Could your health be at risk if these kinds of strikes spread? Will a strike solve anything? We'll find out when Dr. Jeffrey Wilps, a surgeon at Weirton Medical Center in West Virginia goes on the record!

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