Guests and Topics: December 31 & January 1

On the last night of 2002 and the first day of 2003... The O'Reilly Factor is on!

We have two very special broadcasts planned for you!

New Year's Eve

What's Johnnie Mac got to say to Bill O'Reilly? The fireworks get an early start when tennis legend John McEnroe enters the No Spin Zone!

As we prepare for possible military action in Iraq, who's behind the peace movement in the United States? Could the communist party involved? It's sounds weird but the answer will surprise you!

Also, why is Mexico protecting the killer of a Los Angeles Sheriff's Deputy? Why won't it return the killer to the United States? We talk with Jan Maurizi a Deputy District Attorney for L.A. County and Terry March the widow of the slain deputy.

And, remember the music group "Tony Orlando & Dawn?" They had a string of hits in the 1970s, including one that became synonymous with the Iran hostage crisis, "Tie A Yellow Ribbon"... Sadly, as is true for so many entertainers, Mr. Orlando hit it very big and then had an equally big fall from fame and fortune. Tony Orlando chronicles that fall in his new book Halfway to Paradise. It's a very honest look at a fascinating life and one we believe you will won't want to miss!

New Year's Day

It was one of the most talked about interviews of the year—on any television channel! We'll look back at O'Reilly's famous discussion with talk show host and child advocate Rosie O'Donnell. Should gay adoption be allowed in Florida? This exclusive interview got a lot of people talking... and thinking.

Plus, if he were alive today would Jesus be pro-choice? The Rev. Mark Bigelow has some very controversial answers for O'Reilly.

And, you may remember the controversy over scientist Wen Ho Lee. And we're sure you'll remember the chaos surrounding the theft of nuclear secrets at Los Alamost National Laboratory... But, apparently secrets aren't the only thing missing from the lab. Now, millions of dollars of government equipment is also missing from the Lab. Why? And what's the government trying to do to stop it? O'Reilly talks with whistleblowers Glenn Walp and Steven Doran, two former members of the Los Alamos Internal Police, who have both  been fired from their jobs.

Finally, what really goes on at a brothel? Dennis Hof, the owner of the "Moonlight Bunny Ranch" in Nevada and Sunset Thomas, one of his employees, explain why they were so eager to participate in an HBO documentary about the Bunny Ranch. And guess what? O'Reilly's eager to say a few things to say to them!

Don't miss a moment of The Factor! Spend your New Year's Eve and New Year's Day in the No Spin Zone at 8 p.m. and 11 p.m. ET!

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