Proof Positive?

News Monday that the reason we know Saddam Hussein has chemical and biological weapons and that recently declassified documents show we know is because we gave them to him.

It was back when Iraq was at war with Iran and we hated Iran more than we hated Iraq. None other than Donald Rumsfeld was the special Mideast envoy who met with Saddam and made the deal for chemical and biological weapons.

I think the correct interpretation of today's news is that the U.S. has revealed why it knows for certain Saddam has weapons of mass destruction and we don't need any inspectors to tell us we're right. In other words, today's story that Rumsfeld was the U.S. rep to brokered weapons of mass destruction with Saddam is in fact the trip wire -- incontrovertible evidence that he has these weapons.

Do we have a responsibility to stick with people we've made deals with, even if they change and become dangerous to us and our friends?

No. What is going on right now is the U.S. on a chemical and biological weapons repossession operation -- a car repo on a grand scale.

Was it right back then to give these terrible things to Saddam? Yes. The U.S. couldn't allow him to lose a war to Iran. That would have been a disaster.

Is it right to go back and repossess these weapons now? Yes. He might have been a friend then, but not now.

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