Guests and Topics: December 24 & 25

On December 24 and 25 Hannity & Colmes has something very special planned for you!

December 24

The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Richard Myers discusses our progress in the fight against terror? Are we winning the war againt Al Qaeda?

Plus, what's the future hold for the Democrats in 2004? One of the most important figures of the 2000 election weighs in.

Finally, Randy Travis brightens up the broadcast!

December 25

Former Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole discusses the controversy surrounding Mississippi Senator Trent Lott. Has the White House handled the situation properly? What's next for Republicans in the Senate?

He wants to be your president in 2004. Does Vermont Democrat Gov. Howard Dean have a chance? Join the debate!

Plus, why is one man dreaming of a black Christmas?

Finally, Charlie Daniels brings us his own special version of Yuletide cheer!

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-All guests and topics subject to change