Topics and Guests, December 23

Tonight on Special Report with Brit Hume:

Major GarretT reports: Republican senators elect a new leader they hope will help repair the damage that Trent Lott's racially charged remarks have had on GOP efforts to court minority voters. Sen. Bill Frist of Tennessee, a White House favorite, emerges as the clear choice to replace Lott, who resigned from the leadership under pressure.


• The U.N. nuclear watchdog says it deplores North Korea's decision to remove U.N. seals and surveillance cameras from nuclear facilities that U.S. officials say could yield weapons within months. Washington and its allies urges Pyongyang to rescind its decision.

• Iraq insists it is hiding no nuclear, chemical or biological weapons, though U.N. inspectors have called its arms declaration wanting and American and British officials have called it a lie.

• U.S. soldiers offere prayers for a French television reporter killed in an accident while covering the biggest U.S. military exercise since the Gulf War.

• The Palestinian Cabinet postpones elections set for next month, blaming the continuing Israeli military occupation of West Bank towns.

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