Guests and Topics: December 19

Tonight on Hannity & Colmes

Showdown with Saddam: Can anything stop war at this point, or are we past the point of a peaceful solution?
Retired Col. David Hackworth, Army

Does Trent Lott still have enough support to keep his job as the Republican leader in the Senate?
Sen. Orrin Hatch , R-Utah

Former President Bill Clinton is on the attack. And he said it's hypocritical of Republicans to criticize Trent Lott for racially insensitive comments that he made two weeks ago.
Charles Barron, NYC councilman
Kevin Martin, African-am. Rep. Leadership council

Protestors rallied outside the Los Angeles INS office after hundreds of Muslims were arrested for immigration violations. A post September 11 program requires all males over 16 from certain Arab or Middle Eastern countries to register with immigration authorities. But when they complied, many of the immigrants were arrested.
Michelle Malkin, Invasion author

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