Gangs of New York, Two Weeks Notice and Wild Thornberrys

Leonardo DiCaprio, Sandra Bullock, Hugh Grant and some thorny berries at the movies this weekend in The Foxlight.

The 'Gang' is all here. After a 30-year gestation period, Martin Scorsese finally has his Gangs of New York on the big screen. Leo wants revenge from Daniel Day-Lewis in a very muddy part of New York called Five Points. Or does he? How come his character is so chummy with the guy who killed his father? Ah, who cares. There's blood, guts, and oh yeah, Cameron Diaz who also gets chummy with Leo but not before knocking the stuffing out of him.

MCCUDDY: After this and Charlie's Angels I'm thinking foreplay with you could hurt a guy.

DIAZ: Hahahahahahahaahaha! That's funny.

Next, Sandra Bullock works for a Donald Trump-like guy played by Hugh Grant -- but not for long because she's giving Two Weeks Notice. The mostly dopey comedy is elevated by both the stars who dismissed rumors that the movie was plagued with re-shoots and that the two stars didn't get along.

MCCUDDY: So if you two get along why are you two in separate rooms today?

BULLOCK: The man has issues. He's in love with me. He can't handle it.

GRANT: Well, I think it's hard for Sandy because she's so in love with me. It's very difficult for her to operate and answer questions because she wants to look at me.

BULLOCK: He probably said "she's in love with me"...yeah he's a liar"

Finally, I didn't see The Wild Thornberrys but I did get to visit the set and speak with some of the stars. I never felt less animated.