Guests and Topics: December 16

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Al Gore won't be the running for president in 2004. Why not? What's the real story behind Gore's announcement last night? We'll ask former Clinton adviser and FOX News political analyst Dick Morris to fill us in.

Plus, incoming Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott plans to appear on Black Entertainment Television tonight to discuss race relations. Will this help him keep his post as Senate Leader? And why is the White House refusing to get involved in the fight over whether or not Lott should resign as Leader? We'll have some No Spin answers for you.

Also, actor Sean Penn travels to Baghdad, saying he came to Iraq for a better understanding of the crisis with the United States. Really?

Plus, why was a class trip to see A Christmas Carol cancelled in one New Jersey town? Could it be the ghost of political correctness run amok? We'll have some answers.

And later, some scary stuff happening in schools. Wait till you hear about kids in the third grade being arrested for pot!

Finally, an update for on the status of our lawsuit against VH1.

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