Topics and Guests for December 11

Tonight... Get on On the Record with Greta!

What's the latest on Iraq? We'll have the very latest for you including a live report from the region.

Then, is the Bush administration says that "overwhelming force" would be the proper response to a chemical or biological attack against the United States and its allies.

We'll take a closer look at the White House statement this evening when former U.S. Ambassador to Yemen Charles Dunbar, joins us.

Plus, what's Saddam really like? We'll have another first-hand report from an Iraqi defector. Mohammed Tuma was a Captain in the Iraqi leader's Republican Guard and he specialized in chemical weapons. Wait till you hear his story!

And later, Congressman Dan Burton will bring us up-to-date on his investigation into the Saudi child abduction situation.

Also, incoming Senate Majority Leader, Mississippi Senator Trent Lott, is coming under a lot of fire for remarks he made at a birthday party for outgoing South Carolina Senator Strom Thurmond. Is the public making too much of his comments in support of Thurmond's run for the presidency on a segregationist ticket or should he be forced to step down from the leadership post for the good of the Republican party? We'll debate it!

Finally, our review of 2002 continues. Tonight... A look at the terror created by the Beltway snipers. On the Record was there... reporting on the story as it happened. Now, we'll follow-up with two people who were intimately involved in the story.

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