Topics and Guests for December 11

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Topics and Guests for December 11:

In Qatar, U.S. troops are doing a dry run of an attack on Iraq… How much cooperation can we expect from Qatar?
Patrick Theros, former U.S. ambassador to Qatar

Mariah Carey says she's never done anything lewd, even if she may dress or "undress" provocatively. She’s in Allure magazine! We’ll give you the scoop.
Linda Wells, editor-in-chief of Allure magazine

The United States is declaring that it will pull out all the stops and use any means necessary — including nuclear weapons — against Iraq or other hostile countries in response to a chemical or biological attack.
Ambassador William Luers, president of the UN
Mansoor Ijaz, FOX News foreign affairs analyst

Gangs of New York opens in theaters on December 20th… We’ll talk to one of its stars!
Daniel Day- Lewis,

Target Iraq: What constitutes a material breach?
Ambassador Marc Ginsberg,   former ambassador to Morocco

A shipment of Scud missiles uncovered on a North Korean ship off the Arabian peninsula belongs to Yemen, and the Mideast nation wants the equipment delivered, a senior Yemeni government official said Wednesday.
Retired Captain Chuck Nash, USN

Did you know the first box of mac & cheese appeared on store shelves in 1937? And that same year, the first shopping cart was constructed out of lawn chairs? Find out where are these fun facts come from!
Beverly bundy, author, The Century in Food: America's Fads and Favorites

Does Iran present a greater threat than Iraq?
Amitai Stzioni, sociology professor at George Washington University

The White House christmas card, get the inside details about planning this year’s card.
Dan Stifter, vice president of season cards with Hallmark

See new photos of Iraq courtesy of
John Pike, director of

Winning isn't everything? One man who won millions of dollars, lost it all… He gets his last check this week, hear the story!
Curtis Sharp, former NY Lotto winner

Hollywood's golden era! See the stars seen by this candid cameraman. See pictures of Frank Sinatra, Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, and more..
Murray Garrett, hollywood photographer and author of Hollywood Moments


Homeland Security
Senator Joseph Lieberman, D-Conn

Democrats celebrities attacking Bush?
Ben Stein, speechwriter for Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford and an Emmy award winning host

Target Iraq: U.S. response to Iraqi Dossier.
Newt Gingrich, former speaker of the house

A kidnapped boy was found six years later, hear the story…
Jessica Knox, cousin and godmother of boy

NOTE: Topics and guests are subject to change