Billy Crystal, Robert De Niro, Nicolas Cage and John Leguizamo

Billy Crystal, Robert De Niro, Nicolas Cage and John Leguizamo in the new movie glow of The Foxlight.

The first one was a minor mob hit so it's back to Billy Crystal's couch for Robert De Niro in Analyze That. It probably won't matter that this one is much dopier and has even less of a plot than the last one. When did you ever think you'd hear Robert De Niro sing most of the score for West Side Story? Even the outtakes over the credits are kind of lame.

MCCUDDY: Did you ever have outtakes for Raging Bull?

DE NIRO: Yeah, because at some point even the most serious thing becomes funny.

MCCUDDY: So you're pummeling a guy and blood is spurting out and suddenly you're laughing?

CRYSTAL: I'd love to see that.

In limited release the very offbeat Nicolas Cage move Adaptation. Nic and his twin brother are both writing screenplays. Just don't ask either one of them about his pending divorce from Lisa Marie Presley.

CAGE: I don't answer questions about my personal life.

MCCUDDY: Well let me ask you this, do you have any advice for Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez?

CAGE: I think in the universe (pause) I don't answer personal questions.

Finally, John Leguizamo is a drug dealer who tries to go straight on Wall Street. You don't mess with his 401K money without serious ramifications.