Guests and Topics: December 2

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With the December 8 deadline for Saddam Hussein to declare all of his weapons of mass destruction approaching, weapons inspectors may have hit their first obstacle today. The U.N. says that several pieces of military equipment that had been tagged by inspectors in 1998 are now missing from an Iraqi missile site. Iraq responded by saying that the equipment had been either moved or destroyed by Allied bombing, but is this just a prelude of what is to come?
Robert Mcfarlane, former national security adviser

What are Senator Kerry's chances in the rush to the White House?
Dennis Deconcini, former Arizona senator

The Pentagon said today that a pair of missile launchers found near the site of a failed terrorist attack on an Israeli charter plane in Kenya might be linked to Al Qaeda.
Retired Lt. Col. Bill Cowan, Marines

The battle for land between man and animal continues now in California. The latest controversy surrounds the endangered Deli Sands fly. Some development has been allowed on the fly's land, but a number of projects have been stalled and developers claim that the protection of the fly is costing them millions of dollars and hundreds of potential jobs. But the environmentalists argue that any development could lead to extinction of the fly. So what's best for the community?
Mark Nuaimi, Fontana mayor-elect
Dan Silver, Endangered Habitats League

The Eugene, Oregon City Council voted unanimously to make Eugene the 15th city in this country to seek reform of the U.S. Patriot Act. They say the antiterrorism bill means a loss of freedom and privacy.
Hope Marston, Citizen Group coordinator

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