Guests and Topics: December 2

Tonight...The O'Reilly Factor is on... The American Civil Liberties Union vs. Christmas. Why is this group going after a federally sanctioned holiday?

And, the group Amnesty International is now turning its wrath on Great Britain because the country has issued a report critical of Saddam Hussein. Why is Amnesty International siding with Saddam?

Plus, an update on our class action lawsuit against VH1 over the music channel's series "Music Behind Bars," FOX News Judicial Analysts Judge Andrew Napolitano and Lis Wiehl will help us sort out the legal issues involved.

Also, John Odgu, a professor at U.C. Berkeley, is about to publish a very controversial book on minority students. He'll be here to tell us about it.

Finally, a Factor Follow-Up for you. What does America think of Planned Parenthood's holiday card that says "Choice on Earth?" We'll have the results of our exclusive poll. And former NOW President Patricia Ireland will give us her view as well.

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