FOX News Gets Gored

Since Al Gore is evidently watching FOX News Channel, I'd like to take this opportunity to wish him a happy Thanksgiving and urge him to count his blessings.

After all, his point of view is reported and promoted without much question by the mainstream media. It has been for years, and yet Gore's still not satisfied.

It isn't just him. Lots of other liberals are angry that their arguments don't get a unanimous nod of sagacious approval from all.

The liberals have the New York Times, the major networks and that other cable network on their side, but still... it isn't enough.

Gore wants a media that looks like a bobble head doll agreeing with everything he says. He's upset because one television network dares to debate, and insists on asking questions that he and his colleagues don't like to answer. You would think there had been a media coup d'etat the way they are hollering.

Just look at my show. I had liberal Gov. Howard Dean of Vermont on just this week. He was pushing a half-dozen canned liberal arguments, and he got away with most of them because I just don't have time to swat every fly in the room.

Dean got away with saying as fact many things that are just not true. My emailers notice. They scream at me for not screaming at him.

And by the way... this network and this program have been a virtual cloakroom for former Clinton and Carter administration officials. They get to say what they want, and they get a little lip back — just a little. That's not enough?

Hey Al, give thanks for the media. Mostly it's on your side.

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