Topics and Guests for Monday, Nov. 25

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Stories for Monday,
Nov. 25:

The new Department of Homeland Security marks the biggest federal reorganization since the 1940s
L. Paul Bremer, chairman of a national commission on terrorism
Phil Anderson of the Center for Security and International Studies
Dave Simmons, security consultant 

Prosecutors in New York bust up what they call the largest identity fraud case in U.S. history
Bill Majeski, former NYPD detective 

The first team of U.N. weapons inspectors is now inside Baghdad and digging for signs of deadly nuclear weapons
• Dr. Khidir Hamza, author of Saddam's Bombmaker
Charles Pena, senior defense policy analyst with the CATO Institute

An investigation by the New York Post — owned by the parent company of FOX News Channel — finds that most of New York City's tunnels and bridges are wide open to terrorism
Brad Hamilton, reporter for the New York Post

Ohio State football fans get out of control, celebrating their school's perfect record by rioting in the streets
Robert Becker, FOX Sports Net commentator and legal analyst

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