Topics and Guests for Friday, Nov. 22

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Stories for Friday,
Nov. 22:

A top Al Qaeda lieutenant is now in U.S. custody, but does he know where Usama bin Laden is and will he talk?
David Cid, former FBI specialist on terrorism and counterintelligence

At least 100 people are dead in the streets of Nigeria after three days of protesting over the country's decision to hold the Miss World pageant
Marc Ginsberg, FNC foreign affairs analyst

Since Sept. 11, the government of Yemen has allowed U.S. troops in to train its forces to combat terrorism, but with the bombing of the USS Cole and French tanker within its border, can Yemen really be considered a friend of the U.S.?
Charles Dunbar, former U.S. ambassador to Yemen

There's been another incident in the Iraqi no-fly zone. One of Saddam Hussein's jets crossed into restricted airspace. In response, coalition planes fired on Iraqi air defense systems
Robert Hunter, former U.S. ambassador to NATO

Chief weapons inspector Hans Blix is set to brief the U.N. Security Council about his dealings with Baghdad
Tim Trevan, former UNSCOM strategist

A Michigan man tried to sell his 10-month-old daughter to undercover police, but he may not go to jail for it
Carl Marlinga, prosecutor in the case

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