Guests and Topics: November 19

Tonight on Hannity & Colmes

We now have had U.N. and British warplanes under fire by the Iraqis for a number of days in a row, and Kofi Annan -- here it is the U.N. once again -- saying that that does not represent any material breach of the U.N. resolution.
Oliver North, Host of War Stories

There are still no signs of any of the four young people who have mysteriously disappeared from Minnesota and Wisconsin since October the 30th...
Nancy Sabin, Jacob Wetterling Foundation

COLMES: I thought this day would never come, that the other night there, I'm putting up a quote of you in an op-ed piece you did in "USA Today" last week. And you're talking about the United States assuming some of the mistakes of the old Roman Empire. You're talking about whether we are being true to our forefathers. And I found myself going yes. And then, I saw what, Pat Buchanan wrote this?
Pat Buchanan, author of The Death of the West

Does the king of pop need some lessons in being a good pop?
Gloria Allred, attorney
Mel Sachs, defense attorney

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