Topics and Guests, November 13

Tonight on Special Report with Brit Hume:

Iraq accepts a tough new Security Council resolution that will return U.N. weapons inspectors to the country after nearly four years.

Guest preview: Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage gives us his take on the situation in Iraq. 


• In the biggest sweep in months, Israeli troops hunting for militants storm dozens of homes in Nablus, West Bank, ordering residents to line up in the dawn chill as tanks blocked roads and helicopters hovered above.

• The Arabic-language satellite TV news channel al-Jazeera broadcasts an audiotape of a voice that U.S. officials say appears to be Usama bin Laden's.

• In a sign of President Bush's post-election muscle, congressional negotiators reach a deal to create a Homeland Security Department, ending a stalemate between Democrats and Republicans.

• A man is in custody after reports that he was behaving erratically and making threats against President Bush.

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