Massachusetts' Sen. Kerry Poised for White House Bid

U.S. Sen. John Kerry said Sunday that only objections from his family or political elders would deter him from running for the presidency in 2004.

The Massachusetts Democrat denied reports that he might file a statement of candidacy as early as this week, but he said he believes America needs new leadership.

"On almost every issue in front of this country, including foreign policy, there are a better set of choices," Kerry said on ABC's This Week. "We are costing America its reputation in the world today. We're costing American businesses jobs."

Asked what would stop him from running, Kerry said: "I guess a revolution within my family, certainly, would stop me. Broad dissent from people that I respect who tell me that they think it's a mistake or something."

He said he would consult with colleagues, including the state's senior senator, Edward Kennedy, and his family before making a final decision.

Submitting a statement of candidacy to the Federal Elections Commission would allow him to begin raising money for a campaign.