Guests and Topics: November 7

Tonight...The O'Reilly Factor is on...

Is there a connection between Microsoft billionaire Paul Allen and sniper suspect John Lee Malvo? Did Allen's foundation help fund the immigration group in the Pacific Northwest that wound up assisting the sniper suspect? We'll bring you a special report.

Then, two of the country's most prominent African-Americans, Maynard Jackson and Al Sharpton, are not happy with Democratic National Committee Chair Terry McAuliffe after the Democrats election disaster. They want McAuliffe to step down. Should he? We'll speak with the always provocative Rev. Al Sharpton.

Plus, a public school teacher is suspended after giving his opinion on why some Black students are failing in school. We'll talk with him this evening.

Finally, in the Back of the Book segment tonight... Ex-Dallas Cowboys star Thomas "Hollywood" Henderson has been through some real ups and downs in his life. If you can believe it, now he's won the lottery. And he'll be here to tell us what he's doing with his winnings.

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