So Dem Delicious!

The week isn't over yet — a whole day is left — and it's been a very, very good week for George W. Bush. Can it get better?

Only today, the French and the Russians — the non and nyet twins of the Iraq problem — have agreed to go along with a Bush resolution in the U.N. Security Council… or are darn close. (You never can tell until the vote, but it appears to shaping up pretty well.

And by the way... this means bad news for Saddam Hussein. The world opposes war on Iraq? Not quite. The world seems to be coming around to the idea that something has to be done, and if the president and the U.N. can push Saddam into doing the right thing without war, fine. But if not... lock and load.

Then there's the sniper story — the news that kept the Democrats off the front page for a month. Somehow, they didn't have anything to say than what was going on with the snipers. Now they are all teed up for a prosecution in death penalty-friendly Virginia.

No worries about a messy Maryland prosecution, where the death penalty would not be assured upon conviction.

So the first two are the bada-bing... and the bada-boom, of course, is the election and its fallout. Not only did the anti-Bushies lose, but they are now in a full riot of self-recrimination.

I must say the last bit is uncomfortable. It's like listening to the neighbors squabble through the wall. Oh the names they are calling each other!

It would be unseemly to eavesdrop if it weren't so Dem delicious!

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