Jay Leno and Jimmy Kimmel, Ray Romano and Danny Bonaduce

Jay Leno's new competition, Ray Romano, Danny Bonaduce in the child star glare of The Foxlight.

There's a late night war of words heating up and the competition isn't even on the air yet. Someone has been saying unkind things about Jay Leno. This new guy says he wants to "do a comedy version" of The Tonight Show. Ouch! And he says it's amazing how insecure Jay is. His new show will be dirtier than anything else on in late night. Who's the new kid shooting off his mouth? Former Ben Stein sidekick and Man Show co-host Jimmy Kimmel who's being hailed as the Messiah for ABC next year. Break a leg, Jimmy. But two words of caution. "Arsenio Hall."

Maybe Raymond doesn't love CBS as much as everyone loves him. He tells Entertainment Weekly he was never really going to do that celebrity version of Big Brother. And the only way he would have done a Celebrity Survivor was if it took place at a Hooters.

They couldn't even get Danny Bonaduce. He says he's trying to break away from being locked in a house with "people who are out of work."