's 2002 Elections Coverage will offer complete voting results for all 435 races for the U.S. House of Representatives, 34 U.S. Senate contests and 36 gubernatorial campaigns. The site will also note the winners of all races as they are called by the Fox News Channel Decision Team, and offer both complete coverage and our exclusive Fox News Election Day Poll.

• You Decide 2002 —  Election Map

• FNC Interview With Speaker of House Dennis Hastert
• FNC Interview With House Minority Leader Dick Gephardt
• FNC Robert Ehrlich Wins Maryland Gov. Race
• FNC Interview with Gov. Jeb Bush
• Jeb Bush Wins Re-Election in Florida
• Elizabeth Dole Wins N.C. Senate Seat
• Saxby Chambliss Wins Ga. Senate Seat

Background Info
• Nationwide Poll-Closing Times

Election Returns
• Republicans Win Control of Congress
• National Election Wrap-Up
• House Races Results
• Senate Elections Round-Up
• Governor Contests Returns

• Voter Turnout Higher in Close Races
• Voter News Service Abandons National Exit Polls
• Balance of Power Hangs on Voter Turnout
• Media Tiptoes Around Election Results
• Voting Problems Affect Precincts in Handful of States
• Ballot Initiatives Span the Gamut

Washington, D.C.
• White House Relishes GOP Gains
• Union Aid Still Predominantly for Democrats
• Justice Sending Monitors to 14 States
• Bush Finishes Tour, Heads to Texas to Vote

• Siegelman, Challenger Disputing Result in Governor's Race   

• Bush Wins Florida Governor's Race   

• Democrats May Have Trouble in Paradise   

• Namesake Doesn't Help Ryan in Illinois

• Ehrlich Wins Maryland Governor's Race

• Romney Defeats O'Brien  in Mass. Governors' Race  

• Mondale Concedes to Coleman
• Pawlenty Wins Goveror's Race  

New Mexico
• Positive Testing Ground for Bill Richardson