Topics and Guests for November 4

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Topics and Guests for November 4:

You decide 2002: Prioritizing resources the last 24 hours
Terry Mcauliffe, DNC chairman
Gov. Marc Racicot, RNC chairman

John Allen Mohammed may have made money through fake ID's and smuggling illegal aliens.
How do the various legal departments handle these problems and how big is it?
Ron Williams, former secret service agent
John Timoney, former Philadelphia police chief
Ben Ferro, former INS district director

You decide 2002: How accurate are the polls?
Celinda Lake, Democratic pollster
Matthew Dowd, Republican pollster

The sniper case: Two defenders with two different styles…
Larry Nathans, president of Maryland criminal defense

You decide 2002: Lightening round of key Senate races
Larry Sabato, University Of VA.

Election 2002: What is the importance of the black vote?
Former Rep. Bill McCollum, R-Florida
Elaeine Kamarck, former senior adviser to the Gore campaign

The Santa Clause 2 opens in theaters on November 1. We’ll talk to one of its stars!
Judge Reinhold, actor

You decide 2002: Going negative… Does it work? A look at Georgia Senate race.
Ed Rogers, former deputy assistant
Jack Quinn, former Gore chief of staff

Sniper evidence: The FBI is testing saliva used to seal a letter that was left outside a Ponderosa steak house. They are looking for a possible match to the DNA of one of the men charged in the shootings.
Harold Copus, former FBI agent

You decide 2002: Have any candidates gained in the polls due to the president's popularity? What kind of impact has the possibility of war with Iraq?
Tom Edsall, political reporter at The Washington Post
Peter Beinart, editor at The New Republic

A disgruntled former employee of Saks Fifth Avenue testified Friday in Winona Ryder's defense, accusing the security chief of Saks' Beverly Hills store of saying he would invent evidence to prove the actress shoplifted. The latest on the case…
Steven Cron, criminal defense attorney
Pat Lalama, celebrity justice correspondent

Nine for Nine… The first book is out about the Pennsylvania mine rescue, we'll talk to the author.
Andrew Morton, author

You Decide 2002: Could this election spell the end of the end of the Kennedy dynasty? What does it say about a Bush dynasty?
Richard Shenkman, presidential historian

Sniper case: Seeking the death penalty… The U.S. may let Virginia try the two snipers first.
Cheryl McCally, former Montgomery County prosecutor
Jeralyn Merritt, criminal defense attorney who worked on Mcveigh's defense team

NOTE: Topics and guests are subject to change