Guests and Topics: October 31

Tonight on Hannity & Colmes

In St. Paul, Minnesota… Walter Mondale returned to politics last night as Minn. Democrats loudly approved the former vice president as a fill-in for the late Sen. Paul Wellstone -- and Republican nominee Norm Coleman started up his campaign again after a brief respite. Does Walter Mondale have what it takes to make it back to the Senate?

And have the Democrats tainted Mondale’s candidacy by exploiting the death of Senator Paul Wellstone? Reacting to those questions and more… Former South Dakota Senator Larry Pressler and former Labor Secretary Robert Reich, both were at Tuesday night's memorial service.

Is political correctness keeping people from talking about an important part of the sniper case? We'll talk to Constitutional Attorney, Ann Coulter.

Tom DeLay, House Majority Whip R-TX, will tell us the Republican plan for sweeping back into power on election day.

Democratic Consultant, Steve McMahon will take a look at what some are calling, the most controversial campaign ads this election!

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