Topics and Guests for October 31

The markets were supposed to have gone batty. But October wasn’t nearly as frightening for investors as predicted.

Why weren't they spooked? Get smart money answers from Hilary Kramer, senior adviser at Montgomery Asset Management; Vince Farrell, chairman of Victory Capital Management and Jonathan Hoenig, portfolio manager at Capitalist Pig Asset Management.

So goes the market, so goes the economy? Are good times ahead? We'll get the outlook from one of the president's top men, Commerce Secretary Don Evans.

Jack Welch, the world's most celebrated CEO, is now embroiled in a marital soap opera. Jack wants a divorce, but it isn't coming easy. And it isn't coming cheap as divorce attorney Raoul Felder explains.

Are politicians jockeying for favor and prominence in the Beltway sniper case? We'll be joined by Court TV's Catherine Crier, author of The Case Against Lawyers .

Is the merger between EchoStar and DirecTV finally dead? We'll ask Missouri Attorney General Jay Nixon .

And, would the deal have helped, or hurt consumers? Bob Scherman, editor of Satellite Business News, and Porter Bibb, managing partner at Technology Partners Holdings, join the debate.

Plus, seen any commercials while you're waiting for a movie to start? Haven't we paid enough for a ticket? Or should moviegoers suffer in silence through commercials? Kurt Hall, CEO of Regal Cinemedia, squares off with Neil.

We'll have those stories and more!

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