Highlights of the Decision

Highlights of U.S. District Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly's decision in the Microsoft antitrust case.

—Approved almost all aspects of the federal settlement. The deal prohibits Microsoft from retaliating against computer manufacturers; allows customers to remove icons for some Microsoft features and requires that Microsoft disclose some technical data to software developers. Microsoft has already started complying with much of the agreement.

—Denied all stricter remedies requested by the nine non-settling states. Those states wanted Microsoft to let users remove some Microsoft features from Windows entirely, divulge the blueprints to its Internet Explorer Web browser, and force the company to let its Office productivity software be translated to other operating systems.

—Criticized the strategy of those states, saying they opted for a kitchen-sink approach to the case by asking for penalties that would address every rival's complaint. Said that those states neither justified their requests nor would they fix new illegal conduct.

—Created stronger oversight capabilities for the judge. She said Microsoft frequently minimizes the effects of its illegal conduct, and that she needed the ability to make further changes in order to ensure compliance.

—Warned Microsoft executives, who are responsible for the company's compliance with the deal, that she will be closely watching their efforts.