Topics and Guests for October 22

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Topics and Guests for October 22:

A man was shot in the Aspen Hill area of Montgomery County, Md., Tuesday morning, local emergency officials have confirmed. The victim suffered a chest wound and was being airlifted via helicopter to a local trauma center.
Michael Baden, forensic analyst

Sniper attacks: What does forensic analysis reveal about the secret message to the authorities?
Bill Flynn, forensic document examiner

Montgomery County Police Chief Charles Moose, head of the task force investigating the Washington-area sniper, has attempted to deliver messages to the person who left a message and a phone number at the scene of the latest shooting, a Ponderosa restaurant outside Richmond. Police publicly urged an unidentified person to 'call back'.
Louis Palumbo, former New York City investigator

Sniper shooting: How is the police handling this?
Joe Cardinale, retired detective lieutenant from the NYPD

The latest on the sniper…
Robert Ressler, former FBI profiler

Was the secret message the work of the sniper?
Dr. Michael McGrath, forensic psychiatrist

This morning a 40 year old man was shot in the chest on the top steps of a bus near the site of six sniper attacks… Is it the work of the sniper?
Detective John Baeza, former NYPD detective

More on the latest sniper shooting.
Joe Coffey, retired NYPD lieutenant

Investigating the sniper…
Dr. Alan J. Lipman, criminologist

The sniper has committed crimes in a number of jurisdictions. Who gets to prosecute the sniper once caught?
Jerry Kilgore, Virginia attorney general

Sniper: Call waiting… Police have gotten phone messages and notes, how and why is the sniper communicating with the authorities this way?
Dr. Jeffrey Ian Ross, criminologist at the University of Baltimore

Will this case ever be solved by the police?
Wayne Huggins, former superintendent of Virginia state police

Sniper shooting: Are we getting closer to a suspect?
Mike Chamberlain, former FBI profiler and former DC homicide detective

Is the sniper smarter than we think?
Jay Salpeter, former NYPD homicide detective

Could video surveillance be used to help catch the sniper?
Grant Fredericks, video forensic specialist

NOTE: Topics and guests are subject to change