Knockaround Guys, Rules of Attraction, White Oleander and The Transporter in The Foxlight.

Maybe it's called Knockaround Guys because the film's been knocking around so long. Here it is -- kind of a "Goodfellas and Sons." And it's release now couldn't have anything to do with Vin Diesel's new popularity, could it? Why am I always so cynical.

Next The Rules of Attraction uses a lot of cool visual effects -- or should I say over uses them. But it is kind of a kick to see Dawson (James Van Der Beek) up the creek and striking a 'Nicholson as the The Joker' pose every now and then. He's a drug dealer. Who needs a scholarship?

The coolest movie of the week could be The Transporter. They basically ripped off those short BMW films and made one long chase. Inventive action and lots of it keeps this thing moving, literally. But a plot? Wake up, you're dreamin.'

Finally, Oprah loved the book, but will she like the movie? Probably. White Oleander is now in the dictionary under troubled chick flick. Michelle Pfeiffer is sent to prison, but she must be trading cartons of Marlboros for Botox -- she's the best looking inmate I've ever seen.