Guests and Topics: October 8

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A very affluent suburb north of New York City is struggling with the aftermath of a drunken binge by more than 200 students. These high schoolers arrived for a homecoming dance completely drunk. By the time the evening was over, 27 kids were suspended for three days and five students had to be hospitalized!  But is this community trying to take a politically correct approach to drinking that won't change anything? What should be done to the kids? Should they be held accountable for their behavior? How much responsibility lies with the parents? What about the principal of the high school, considered one of most prestigious in the country, should he be fired?  You won't believe what's happening in the village of Scarsdale, New York!  And we'll tell you about it.

Then, former FBI Director Louis Freeh faced members of the House and Senate Intelligence Committee today to talk about the Bureau and intelligence failures before September 11. He told Congress that his agency was not lax in the days before the terror attacks. We'll see what Arizona Republican Senator Jon Kyl, who sits on the Senate Intelligence Committee and heard his testimony today, thought of the director's testimony.

Plus, we'll have an update for you on the terrible beating in Milwaukee when attorneys for two of the kids involved join us. We've uncovered personality profiles of the 16 kids who beat a 36-year-old man to death... And you won't believe it.

Also, remember the outrageous behavior we told you about last week involving a radio disc jockey in Arizona? The DJ in question, Beau Duran called the widow of the former St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Darryl Kile, while he was on the air, and asked her if she had a date for last Thursday's playoff game! The prank enraged the team's manager and the radio station and the Diamondbacks wound up apologizing for Duran's bad behavior. The Factor told you about it first. Now the DJ has been fired.... And he'll join us in the No Spin Zone this evening.

And, later as The Factor moves along... The television critic for the Washington Post Tom Shales will join us to talk about his new book Live From New York: An Uncensored History of Saturday Night Live, the media in America and the Fox News Channel.

Finally, Court TV's Catherine Crier will be here to talk about her new book The Case Against Lawyers... So what does the former Texas judge have against attorneys? She plans to give Bill an earful!

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