Topics and Guests for October 3

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Topics and Guests for October 3:

The Tabasco Company is in the path of Hurricane Lili. A member of the Tobasco family says they are ready for the worst. He will join us.
Tony Simmons, McIlhenny executive and great great grandson of Tabasco

Hurricane Lili is on top of New Iberia, we’ll have a report from the area.
Ruth Fontenot, mayor of New Iberia

Gulf Coast residents breathed sighs of relief Thursday morning as Hurricane Lili weakened considerably before making landfall in Louisiana.
Steve Rinard, National Weather Service of Lake Charles meteorologist in charge

You Decide 2002: What will have a greater impact on voters as they prepare to vote in November: Homeland Security issues or domestic concerns?
Linda Divall, Republican pollster
Michael Bloomfield, Democratic pollster

Democrats and Republicans in Congress began closing ranks Wednesday behind a resolution giving President Bush broad authority to use military force against Iraq.
David Albright, former U.N. weapons inspector

Residents of the Texas and Louisiana coastlines breathed sighs of relief Thursday morning as Hurricane Lili, which had threatened to be the strongest storm to hit the region in more than half a century, weakened considerably as it made landfall.
Velda Carroll, hotel spokeswoman for French Quaters Suites

TV Land celebrates the 50th anniversary of Superman
Jack Larson, Jimmy Olson
Noel Neill, Lois Lane

You decide 2002: New York Sen. Hillary Clinton's endorsement Wednesday of former Clinton official Chris Van Hollen would normally have little impact outside political circles. But this is not a normal year in Maryland's 8th District race for Congress, where a "statistical dead heat" has put everything -- including the most routine endorsements -- under a magnifying glass.
Michael Steele, Republican candidate for Maryland lieutenant governor

Rudy Giuliani talks about lessons learned in leadership and writes about it in his new book Leadership.
Rudy Giuliani, former NY mayor and author of Leadership

Hot stuff: Get some Hollywood gossip!
What do stars really eat? And is Julia Roberts pregnant?
Veronica Hinman, beauty director of US Weekly

NOTE: Topics and guests are subject to change