Topics and Guests for October 1

U.N. inspectors are pressing Baghdad for free access to so-called "sensitive sites" where Saddam Hussein could be concealing weapons of mass destruction.

But if Saddam balks, is the U.S. military ready to take action? We'll ask Fox News military analyst Major General Paul Vallely.

The chairman of Global Crossing finds himself on the hot seat: Did he cash in knowing the company's stock was going to fall? Molly de Ramel has a complete report on the six hours of cross-examination before congressional investigators. Plus, we'll hear from Rep. Jim Greenwood, R-Pa., chairman of the House Oversight Subcommittee, and Rep. Diana Degette, D-Colo.

And, Gary Winnick says he'll dig deep to bail out his workers retirement plans. But is it too little too late? We'll talk to some former workers.

Market psyche is definitely in the dumps -- but how much more pain is the small investor willing to take? We'll ask Chris Casper, author of From Now on with Passion, a Guide to Emotional Intelligence.

We'll take the market's temperature with Bob Froehlich, chief investment strategist at Deutsche Asset Management, and Charles Payne, chief market analyst at Wall Street Strategies.

And, we'll review Fortune magazine's most powerful women in business.

We'll have those stories and more!

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