Guests and Topics: October 1

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Focus Iraq? Some members of the CBC, Congressional Black Caucus, say President Bush is focusing too much on Iraq and ignoring important issues like health care, education and the environment. Join this debate.

Linda Chavez president of the Center for Equal Opportunity talks about her latest book, An Unlikely Conservative, The Transformation of a Renegade Democrat (or how I Became the Most Hated Hispanic in America)

The New Jersey Supreme Court decided to hear arguments on whether the Democrats could replace Sen. Robert Torricelli on the state's November ballot, a case that could decide the makeup of the U.S. Senate. The hearing was set for Wednesday. Torricelli, once seen as invincible but now far behind GOP challenger Doug Forrester in the polls due to an ongoing corruption scandal, bowed out of his re-election bid Monday afternoon. Bill Bennet from Empower America reacts.

Will Senator Torricelli's graceful exit do more harm than good for the Democrats in November? Fox News political analyst, Dick Morris weighs in on that debate.

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