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Question for September 16: Who's your favorite "Survivor" ?

Survivor is back! The new season of Survivor in Thailand premieres on Thursday, September 19 at 8 ET on CBS.
Tell us who your favorite survivor is from past episodes!

Here are some of your emails:

I think the show does a great job of mixing up different personalities, but as a viewer I am continually drawn to the smart/nice people. Colby, hands down, is my favorite, followed by another "should of won," Neleh. The biggest dullard of all the series has got to be Sarah from the Marquesas--not smart, not helpful, not strong, and not nice. She sees nothing wrong with having her best asset be what you can see too well.

Fawna J. (Cape Girardeau, MO)

My favorite Survivor of all time would have to be Elizabeth Filarski. We used to have Survivor parties every week and just couldn't wait to see what Lizzy was up that week. Plus she's a cutie!

Jason D. (Ames, IA)

I love this show! I have watched it every season thus far. My favorite Survivor is Ken. Thanks!

Michelle S.

Ethan, Ethan and more Ethan!

Jamie S. (Ann Arbor, MI)