Topics and Guests, September 12

Tonight on Special Report with Brit Hume:

Jim Angle reports: The United Nations must set out to protect the world from the likes of Saddam Hussein, President Bush tells the international body. We'll also have updates on the president's meetings with leaders from India, Pakistan and Japan.

Guest preview: Benjamin Netanyahu, former Israeli Prime Minister, tells us the behind-the-scenes of his testimony before the House Government Reform Committee where he discussed Iraq.


•  David Lee Miller reports: And what is Iraq's reaction to the speech? We'll give you the latest.

•  Brian Wilson reports: Also, we'll update you on the international reaction to President Bush's push at the United Nations.

•  Carl Cameron reports: Finally, what's the Capitol Hill's buzz on the press for action against Iraq?

•  Greg Palkot reports: And how does Israel fit into the whole Iraq package? We'll tell you.

•  Major Garrett reports: Will you have to pay more for gas if we go to war with Iraq? Join us to find out.

•  Orlando Salinas reports: Problems once more in Florida's ballots. And Gov. Jeb Bush has something to say about it.

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