Topics and Guests for August 29

Has corporate corruption muddied your 401(k)?

We'll look at the cozy and confusing relationship that exists between large mutual fund companies and the companies they manage the plans for with columnist Arianna Huffington.

Is Congress preparing to investigate the IPO deals offered by Salomon Smith Barney to many executives? Motley Fool co-founder David Gardiner joins the debate.

Plastic surgeon Dr. David Ostad sheds light on the hottest trend in cosmetic surgery.

At a time when the industry is trying to win customers back, why are airlines hiking fees, and cutting service? David Stemper, president of the Air Travelers Association, offers insight.

What was the most profitable movie of the summer? If you said Spider-man, or Star Wars, or even Austin Powers, Christy Lemiere, entertainment reporter for the Associated Press, explains why you'd be wrong.

Plus, following Sept. 11, Saudi Arabia is spending big bucks to enhance their image in America. Is it money well spent or money down the drain? Public relations industry legend Bob Dilenschneider explains why the Saudis are fighting an uphill battle.

And, as the deadline for a Major League Baseball strike draws ever closer, we'll ask sports journalist John Solomon why he thinks a strike is the best thing for baseball's major league-sized problems.

We'll have these stories and more!

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