Topics and Guests for August 28

Usama bin Laden is America's public enemy No. 1.

But as the White House begins to shift its attention towards Iraq, whose head does Wall Street want more: Usama bin Laden or Saddam Hussein?

Indictments are flying and backroom deals are in the works. Are the feds finally getting to the bottom of the rash of corporate corruption? In a Fox News exclusive, SEC Chairman Harvey Pitt, weighs in.

Are the markets in danger of stopping consecutive weekly gains at five? I'll sit down with Michael Lipper, president of Lipper Advisory Services; Jim Awad, chairman of Awad Asset Management and Frank LaSalla, president of BNY Clearing Services.

Americans are using more gasoline than ever before and enjoying low prices at the pump. But can we count on these low prices into the winter? Alaron's Phil Flynn and the Economic Cycle Research Institute's Lakshman Achuthan, join the debate.

Plus, a hometown Boston brewery gets in bed with some bad boys of radio and now the Catholic Church wants a sincere apology as CJ Doyle, executive director of the Catholic Action League of Massachusetts, explains.

And, going, going... Who is to blame for the looming Major League Baseball strike: greedy players or union-busting owners? We'll look at the war to control the spin with former New York Yankee pitcher and author Jim Bouton.

We'll have these stories and more!

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