Topics and Guests, August 23

Tonight on Special Report with Brit Hume:

Steve Centanni reports: President Bush continues his three-day trip through the West, stopping at a number of GOP fund-raising events.

Guest preview: Assistant Secretary of State John Wolf talks about the secret operation to destroy uranium supplies.


•  Carl Cameron reports: Word is out in Washington D.C. that the FBI during the Clinton administration misled the court in charge of approving wiretaps and surveillance in terrorism cases.

•  Major Garrett reports: All of the 19 suspected hijackers involved in the Sept. 11 attacks entered the United States legally, and put the Immigration and Naturalization Service on the hot seat. Since then how much has border security changed in America?

•  Greg Palkot reports: With the Bush administration continuing to insist Iraqi President Saddam Hussein must go, an international conference made up of Iraqi opposition groups is being planned for next month in Europe

•  William LaJeunesse reports: Just days before the Earth Summit, the United Nations is painting a dismal picture of the world's ecological condition.

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