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Question for August 20: If you were in Crawford, what would you tell President Bush about Iraq?

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I would like to tell President Bush do what you thing is best for our country, I have faith in you!

Betty B.

True, Saddam has to go, but lets not rush into something we are not 100% sure we can win. It would be wise to assess every possibility and know our enemy before we take action. "Only fools rush in where angels fear to trod." Lets not fight just for fighting sake, but be certain of our goal and Gods blessing our endeavor. Keep up the good work.

Leni K.

President Bush, before you wage a war on Saddam Hussein, please get your affairs with the Saudi's in order. They are not our friends, they support terrorism and they will sabotage your attempts at toppling Hussein. If your
focus is on combating terrorism, then the Saudi's (and the Hamas which they support) should be your target. Fight one war at a time if you want to be successful.

Miriam M.

"Do it quickly, do it perfectly, do it completely."

Kathryn G. (San Jose, CA)