Topics and Guests for August 15

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Topics and Guests for August 15:


There's no words [that] can explain how I feel," said Margarita Chavez Wednesday night, holding her month-old daughter in her arms twenty-six hours after the child had been stolen from her. "My hopes never ended."
Sergeant Kim Vickers, Abilene police spokesman

The latest in the David Westerfield murder trial
Joseph Tacopina, criminal defense attorney
Toni Blake, San Diego, jury consultant

Will the Vatican approve or reject us church abuse reforms?
Father Richard Mcbrien, theology professor at Notre Dame

The latest in the David Westerfield murder trial
Geoffrey Nathan criminal defense attorney
Mike Still, former prosecutor

Celebrating the King: Tomorrow is Elvis' 25th year death anniversary
Robert Gordon, author of The Elvis Treasures

Snatched girl from Abilene, Texas
Marc Klaas, founder of Klaaskids Foundation

New action hero movie roars into the U.S. number 1 spot
Vin Deisel, lead actor in XXX

Sentencing of Charles Andy Williams, Santana High School shooting
Bob Grimes, criminal defense lawyer, certified criminal

Controversial FHM magazine photos: Does sportscaster Jill Arrington's appearance in a men's magazine diminish the credibility of women sports journalists?
Scott Gramling, editor-in-chief of FHM

Consumer segment: Child identification kit for parents
Christopher Migliaro, president of Finger Print America


NOTE: Topics and guests are subject to change