Where's the Love?

An eye-popping piece in USA Today says that the America hating craze of the Middle East has now fully morphed itself into the face of the average European, and most frightfully, morphed into the average Brit, our most stalwart of overseas supporters.

And it isn't just editorial writers, says USA Today. It's everyday citizens who launch into tirades against Americans they bump into on the street or in the office.

Why? Because America -- the world now realizes -- is so big and so strong it can do whatever it likes and no one can stop America. America doesn't need help for a war and if America doesn't like the Kyoto treaty or the International Criminal Court, America will simply walk away -- it can and it will.

So this has all the Lilliputians screaming bloody murder. How dare you be so big, how dare you not listen to us, how dare you not need us?

That sound you hear is the frustrated stamping of tiny little feet.

I say "Lilliputians" because the whole thing has got me thinking about Gulliver, who wandered the world in Jonathon Swift's mind and eventually met a civilization of teeny little people, who tried to tie him down with their twine.

All the Lilliputians will think I am being prototypically American -- arrogant -- because I have drawn this very allusion: the American giant and the rest of the world Lilliputians.

But the Lilliputians put themselves in this position by telling us we need their permission to do anything, especially to defend ourselves from the very terrorists who hid among them, in their liberal, forgiving, tolerant and ultimately blind societies.

The Brits, for example, tolerate in their midst the most hateful and vicious of Islamic radicals, who plan and scheme against America, with the protection of the British government.

The Lilliputians also don't like creeping American culture. The fast food joints and the music and movies. OK, so does that mean the Lilliputians find all that junk so enticing they simply cannot resist?

But mostly the Lilliputians don't want us to be able to defend ourselves without their permission or help. They resent it oh so much that we -- the world's only Gulliver -- can stomp Saddam Hussein if we decide we need to and either the Lilliputians will have to side with us or they'll stand around clucking their tongues and stamping their tiny little feet.

It's tough being Gulliver.

It's pitiful to be a Lilliputian -- they should grow up.

That's My Word.

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