Topics and Guests, August 8

Tonight on Special Report with Brit Hume:

Bret Baier reports: "The forces of evil will carry their coffins on their backs to die in disgraceful failure ... to dig their own graves," Saddam Hussein promises his people as the U.S. and Britain ramps up their war plans against Iraq.

Guest preview: John Williamson from the Institute for International Economics, who fills us in on Latin American economy

Panel preview: Is Vice President Dick Cheney ready to run or ready to hide in 2004?


Major Garrett reports: Rep. Mark Foley asks the Securities and Exchange Commission to investigate former Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin for his possible involvement with Enron. Did Rubin do wrong?

Carl Cameron reports: Get a sneak peek at the Democratic strategy for the fall.

Brian Wilson reports: Two laptop computers have disappeared from the military command center in Florida orchestrating the war in Afghanistan, at least one of them containing classified information, Pentagon officials confirm to FOX News.

James Rosen reports: Is the president out of Washington for too long? And what extra security measures are being taken in front of the White House?

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