Guests and Topics: August 5

Tonight...The O'Reilly Factor is on... Seven people have been arrested in Chicago and charged with the violent beating and murder of two men whose van skidded out of control and hurt three women last Tuesday.

Among those charged are a 16-year-old boy and a man who is 47-years-old. Prosecutors have released details about the deadly beating and announced they may seek the death penalty in this case. It also looks like at least six of the men involved were gang members. Why would a 16-year-old allegedly help beat two middle aged men to death for no reason? Could gang violence be to blame for what happened? We'll talk with the young man's attorney Larry Levin and Lance Williams an expert on youth crime at the Center for Inner City Violence. 

Then, in another murder case, this time one involving little Samantha Runnion in the Golden State... Tony Rackaucas, the Orange County District Attorney, has announced today that he'll seek the death penalty against Alejandro Avila, the man accused of kidnapping, raping and murdering 5-year-old Samantha. We'll speak to Mr. Rackaucas tonight about his announcement.

Plus, with parents all over America worried about their kids after a summer of highly publicized child abductions, security expert David Lundberg tells us just how easy it is to lure kids into a car... He'll have the results of his investigation and will offer some advice about what you can do to make sure it never happens to your child!

And later, the mysterious murders of the wives of four servicemen at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, has everyone asking questions. Could plans for divorce have played a role in their murders? We'll talk with a former military psychologist about what might be leading to these tragic deaths.

Also, a record-breaking weekend in Berkeley, California. More than 1,000 women got together to break a breast-feeding record. The city sponsored the event as part of its women, infants and children nutrition program. Was this the right way to raise awareness about breast-feeding or just an unnecessary publicity stunt? We'll hear from both sides when Ellen Sirbu who was one of the co-organizers of Saturday's event and radio talk show host Mike Gallagher join us.

Finally, is the Centers for Disease Control starting to stray from its mission? We'll talk to Phil Kent from the Southeastern Legal Foundation who's got a lot to say about that question.

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