Topics and Guests for August 2

In a response to Wednesday's deadly bombing at Jerusalem's Hebrew University, Israeli troops backed by 150 armored vehicles swept into the West Bank city of Nablus, trading fire with Palestinians and arresting about 50 people.

We'll get the latest on this tense situation from Fox News correspondent Steve Harrigan.

Can anything bring this deadly cycle of violence in the Middle East to an end? Hussein Ibish, communications director for the American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee and Morton Klein, president of the Zionist Organization of America, join the debate.

This week saw the arrest of two former WorldCom bigwigs. But does this corporate crackdown provide any reassurance to those who lost their jobs as a result of the telecommunication giant's downfall? We'll be joined by two of them.

Plus, how do white-collar criminals endure the rigors of lockup? We'll ask David Novak, ex-con and author of Downtime, a Guide to Federal Incarceration.

We'll take the market's temperature with Scott Bleier, Fox Business News contributor; Tobin Smith, president of Changewave Research; Mike Norman, editor at the Economic Contrarian Update and Jonathan Hoenig, portfolio manager at Capitalist Pig Asset Management.

Are you afraid to fly on September 11? Tom Nulty, president of Navigant International, says you shouldn't be -- flying has never been safer.

And, as Congress heads off for summer recess a lot of senior citizens out there aren't happy about it. Has the Senate let seniors down by failing to pass a bill to control the cost of prescription drugs? I'll ask John Rother, director of policy and strategy for the AARP, and Charlie Jarvis, head of the United Seniors Association.

We'll have these stories and more!

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