Fox Feedback Have Corporate Cheats Learned their Lesson?

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Question for July 30: Have Corporate Cheats Learned their Lesson? 

I do not believe that the corporate fraud bill will cure corporate malfeasance. It is a band-aid designed to stimulate the stock market and to disguise the relationship between corporations and politicians. Our politicians have to quit prostituting themselves to corporations for there to be any lasting change. Our government is as corrupt as our corporations and they both benefit at the taxpayers expense.

Dawn L. (Bend, OR)

As long as it is profitable they will continue to cheat the system. Laws are great but they must be enforced to the fullest extent.


Wouldn't it be great if we could cull out all the bad apples in all the barrels? Till honesty and moral ethics become the "words of the day - everyday", there will always be a few who will spoil the barrel. This is true in every business, big and little.

Ann R.

Corporate Crooks have learned their lesson, no thanks to the legislation though. The lesson came from seeing the demise of their peers, that was the best and strongest medicine and hey, no "prescription drug plan" necessary!

Melissa A. (Lake Forest, CA)