Dragonfly, Collateral Damage and Resident Evil

Bill McCuddy's look at the week's new DVDs in The Foxight.

Kevin Costner's movie career is just as dead as his wife in the goofy fantasy thriller Dragonfly. He thinks his wife is talking to him from the grave, but it's the script that's grave in this film and I don't think that's going to change in the DVD or video out this week. And it's nice to see that Kathy Bates hasn't squandered her career on...Oh, never mind, she's in this too.

Next, this film got a lot more attention than it deserved after 9/11 because it was about a fireman who's family gets blown up in a terrorist attack. In Collateral Damage Arnold Schwarzenegger goes to South America, sneaks into the evil guy's lair and gets revenge. Who saw that coming?

Finally, speaking of bad timing, Resident Evil used to be subtitled "Ground Zero." That was wisely dropped after Sept. 11. This is another video game turned movie, and you know how compelling and thought-provoking those can be.