Below the Fold for July 28

Show Us the Money

Former President Bill Clinton and Senator Hillary Clinton are asking taxpayers to pay $3.5 million of their legal expenses. The fees were incurred during the investigation of the couple's Whitewater land deals.

The Clintons cited similar requests by President Reagan and the first President Bush after the Iran Contra investigation. In that case the combined compensation requested and paid was about a million dollars.

Show Me the Money

This week Congressman James Traficant earned the dubious distinction of becoming just the second member of the House since reconstruction to be kicked out by his peers.

Traficant may have the last laugh on one count though. According to the National Taxpayers Union, Traficant still is eligible to receive a $37,000 a year federal pension.

No Laughing Matter

A 36-year-old Florida woman is suing Delta airlines because she claims the airline publicly humiliated her.

Here's what happened. Renee Koutsouradis was on board a plane in Dallas awaiting takeoff when she was paged over the loudspeaker. She was asked to follow a security agent to the tarmac to investigate what was vibrating in one of her bags. She told the agent it was a sex toy that she and her husband purchased in Las Vegas, but still was asked to open her bag in full view of other passengers and hold up the toy.

According to the suit, as she held up the device, three male Delta employees laughed hysterically and made sexually harassing comments. Eventually, the woman was allowed to re-pack her belongings — including the sex toy — and return to her seat.