Topics and Guests for Wednesday, July 24

Tonight...go on the record...with Greta! After another frightening child kidnapping, a happy ending in Philadelphia for 7-year-old Erica Pratt. She's being described as an "amazing little girl." How did Erika manage to chew through the duct tape that was used to bind her and escape from captivity?! We'll have an update on this remarkable story.

Then, will controversial Ohio Democrat Rep. James Traficant finally be forced out of Congress? There are some dramatic new developments in this case and we'll tell you all it  this evening.

Meanwhile, another child abduction story, with a very unhappy ending, in San Diego continues to unfold. We'll have an update on the Van Dam trial where the man accused of killing the little California girl is on trial.

Later, an unbelievable odessy through the criminal justice system. We'll meet Angelo Martinez and his attorney Oscar Michelson tonight. Martinez was wrongly accused of a crime and has now been freed from prison after spending 18 years in jail. 

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Note: Topics and Guests subject to change