Halle Berry, J-Lo, Ben Affleck and Jane Clayson

Halle Berry forgives, J-Lo finds romance and Jane Clayson has left the building in The Foxlight.

Bond girl Halle Berry says she forgives her husband Eric Benet for cheating on her with groupies. He recently went to a rehab center for sex addiction. What's that treatment like? And why can't one of the most beautiful women in the world find a guy who won't stray?

There was no straying between J-Lo and Ben Affleck the other night at Manhattan sushi restaurant. The Daily News says they were all over each other. Then hearing that the paparazzi were waiting outside, J-Lo left through the front door and Ben slipped out the back.

Finally, Jane Clayson can sleep in soon, according to The New York Post. Stick a fork in her, she's done as a host on the CBS Early Show even after all those reports post-Bryant Gumbel that said she was staying. Who's taking her place? Here's irony: the woman who tried to topple another Jane Pauley formerly of The Today Show is one of the new kids on the early morning block.