Fox Feedback Taliban Johnny: Do you buy his story?

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Question for July 18: Taliban Johnny: Do you buy his story?

John Walker Lindh is ready to cooperate with terrorism investigators, as he promised to do in return for a lighter sentence, but he may have little information to give, his lawyer said Sunday.

Lindh, the young Californian captured by American forces in Afghanistan, pleaded guilty a week ago to fighting alongside the Taliban militia. In return, prosecutors dropped the most serious charges against him.

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I don't believe anyone who would sell out his own country and go to war against America. Much less, am I mistaken, or does it say in the Constitution that you loose your American Citizenship if you join a foreign legion? He is merely looking for a way out and a way not to be executed. If the Federal Government does believe him, I will be very disappointed in our Justice Department.

Virginia C. (Blackshear, GA)

One has to only read the excerpts from letters he wrote to his parents to decide if there's any truth to his tory. A rat will do (or say) anything he can to escape being trapped.

Bruce G.

No way do I buy Taliban Johnny's story. Just look at his e-mails he sent to his mother a few short years ago it was full of trashing the U.S. He is nothing but a traitor, he should've had his U.S. citizenship revoked and send back to Afghanistan the country he loves and defended so much. Walker is an insult to our soldiers who are his age and younger and fight for our country and some lose their lives for us and him, and as for his lawyer we don't need to hear "which book Walker is presently reading, that he'll educate himself while in the slammer, that he is fluently in Arabic and a devoted Muslim". He is a traitor. Period.

Barbara G. (Louisville, KY)

No, I don't buy his lackluster, sorry excuse of a story. What I do buy is his execution at Ground Zero by NYC firefighters and policemen.

John T.